Muslim Values

November 17, 2006

Why do we put up with the shit that comes out of these Islamic leaders? I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding between the Western world and our Muslim enemies.

Western cultures have a "live and let live" value system. Muslims don't. When the Pope says something critical of Islam, they don't riot because he's being unfair or because he's not tolerating their differences. They riot because the Pope hasn't figured out that he should be bowing down before Islam. A lot of people thought it was ironic that Muslims responded to the Pope's accusations of violence with tons of violence, but our enemies don't see it that way. They see an infidel dog criticizing his betters and it really doesn't matter what he said. Violence is the price.

You can't offer tolerance or fairness to intolerant, unfair people. Tolerance is simply not a Muslim value. Feel free to view that as criticism (it is pretty shitty after all), but that's not why I point it out. It's just something we need to be aware of and apparently aren't. They don't show us understanding in return for ours because they were never offering understanding in the first place, and (more importantly) they never asked it of us. The only things they want from us are religious conversion or submission. When rape gangs in Europe (sometimes referred to as "Muslim immigrants") make demands of their host governments, note that they aren't asking that they be allowed to practice their beliefs and be left in peace. They're asking that the government enforce their beliefs — for everyone.

Another Western value that Muslims don't share is freedom. We generally believe that anyone is capable of doing the right thing if you're standing behind them with a baseball bat saying "Do the right thing". What makes you a good person in Western eyes is doing the right thing by choice. Muslims don't see it that way. Their belief is that everyone should do the right thing and they aren't willing to leave it up to chance or individual choice. As a result, Islamic morality must necessarily be the law of the land. Whatever role our foreign policy might have had in putting us on these douche-bags' RADAR, it is America's refusal to force morality on its citizens that makes us evil and justifies murdering us.

We keep bending over backwards to reach out to Muslims living in our countries and show them tolerance and it's getting us nowhere. It's time to stop killing ourselves (literally) to make Muslims see how fair we're being. They don't care. I'm not saying we should give up on tolerance. It's part of who we are and we'll never abandon it. But we have to be willing to react appropriately when a group of people is clearly not willing to meet us half-way. It's time to stop trying to figure out what Muslims want and simply tell them what's available: live in peace beside us or relocate to the Muslim-controlled paradise of your choosing. You can't have all the benefits of our superior* culture if you're not willing to adopt that culture. How long do you think that can last? The more you get your way, the more Western countries will begin to resemble the places you ran away from in the first place.

* Yes, I'm calling our culture "superior" and I don't want to hear any shit about it. Look no further than people's migration patterns. They're voting with their feet by the millions for our way of life, so if you think all cultures are equal, it's them you need to convince, not me.

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