Rules for playing Asshole (87C Style)

Human Beings playing Asshole

Could Asshole be the greatest drinking game ever? Probably not, but it sure has stood the test of time. It's like a warm, booze-soaked blanket that's been with you since you were little. If you're ever feeling sober and you need a structured means of fixing the situation ASAP… Asshole!

General Rules

Special Cards

The First Round

For the first round, players can sit in any order. Duties like dealing the cards, clearing the cards and getting more beer are community efforts. The person with the 4 of Clubs starts the game. The only time players drink in this round is for 3s, socials, and skipping/being skipped.

Player Rank

The Asshole



Beer Bitch

(a.k.a. Beer Slut or Vice Asshole)



The President



Starting the Round

Certain things have to happen before each round. The order can be changed for some of these things.


Drink - Open your mouth and pour! What constitutes a "drink" varies from person to person. It should be bigger than a sip, but smaller than a gulp. Players take their drinks on the honor system for the most part. Allowances can be made if you are playing with wine or liquor. For example: you are allowed to put that shit down and go get a beer.

Skip - When a player does not get to take a turn or chooses not to. Whenever a player skips or gets skipped, he must take a drink.

Clear - Get rid of all the cards that have been played on the table and set them somewhere out of the way.

Out - When you get rid of all your cards, you are "out".

Social - A social is when everyone takes a drink together (usually with a toast, unless you're a prick).

Waterfall - Every player picks up their drink and drinks continuously. You cannot stop drinking until the person above you in rank stops. In other words, the President drinks until he feels like stopping, then the Vice President may choose to stop or continue drinking. Once the Vice President stops, the Secretary can stop or keep going, etc. on down to the Asshole. Because the Asshole has absolute power while dealing, he may opt for a reverse waterfall, but this (like most other forms of suicide) is rare.

Asshole Reflex - When a player is no longer Asshole, but has been conditioned by negative reinforcement and continues to reach for the cards when they need to be cleared. This can even carry over from game to game in severe cases.

Slummin' - When a high ranking player continues to be smoochie with his or her low-ranking significant other, or do nice things for them in the game.

Our favrite deck to play with is the Simpsons deck. Appropriately, the cards came in a Duff Beer can.
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