Some of my friends have web sites, but none of them are as good as mine.

Some of my favorite sites...

For the funniest crap you will ever read, click the image below:

...and for the second funniest crap, see the Official Ninja Web Page:

Real Ultimate Power

These first two sites have both been known to use the phrase "totally sweet". Could that be mere coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Rock doesn't need to be complicated. It just needs to rock. One of the few bands that still seems to get that is SLUNT. Rock doesn't need super-hot chicks with dirty minds either, but when are they ever an unwelcome addition?

Rob and Christine with SLUNT

You should also check out our friends p.u.s.h. from Atlanta.

Ernie's House of Whoop Ass has everything. Cool military stuff, T&A, funny pictures, gross pictures, and lots of good stories and rants.

Maddox talks to stupid people in a way that they can understand. deserve.

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