Dave and Jill's Wedding

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Christine, serving out her term as Beer Bitch on our trip to Chicago for Dave and Jill's Wedding.
All is proceeding as it should. Drew's turn to be Beer Bitch, supported by Me, Shelly, Frank and Christine.
Christine and I in Chicago. Am I as drunk as she looks? Yeah, probably.
Here we are on our way to Dave and Jill's wedding.
Frank and Kristen
Dave and Jill. They look real fancy 'cause they just got hitched.
The girls do a shot. Kristen, Marcia, Shelly, Christine, Kristi, Susan
Yet another shot.
Funny. I don't remember posing for this picture. Anyway, here we are back at the hotel (via shuttle, thank God) after the wedding.
Back: Kristi, Scott J., Dave, Jill, Me, Christine, Frank
Front: Shelly, Drew, Marsha, Scott B.


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