Frank and Kristen's Wedding

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12:51 PM - When we got back to our room, we were surprised to find that it wasn't empty. These people were able to convince a maintenance man to let them in. I never found out what the story was exactly.
12:56 PM - The room's filling up quick. Frank's future brother-in-law David is on the left and in the center is Christine. I don't know what she's doing but she looks cute.
12:57 PM - Here's Jill gettin' her smile on and Kristi sitting on the floor
12:58 PM - Scott and Dave get ready to run inside before Shelly blows Marcia's head off with a fireball
1:15 AM - People on the balcony
1:23 AM - The groom has arrived! Hi, Christine.
1:29 AM - And there's the bride, Kristen the Diver, talking to mom and sis
1:36 AM - David talking to Kristi and Nancy. From the looks of things, he is telling them "how it is"
1:36 AM - Kristen the Runner, still making conversation
1:38 AM - Scott, Marcia, Drew and Jill
1:40 AM - What up, Frank? Who the hell turned the TV on? Why?
1:40 AM - Jill and Kristen the Adventurer. Be sure to look at both of Jill's hands.
1:57 AM - Drew, Me, Christine and Dave. Damn, I'm happy!! If you're reading this, you probably have something to do with that.
1:58 AM - Jill relaxing on the floor
2:05 AM - Scott B and Drew
2:06 AM - Kristen the Traveller smiling big
2:07 AM - Awwww. Marcia and Scott. They got married the following weekend.
2:17 AM - Ehhh, Jill? You might want to poke your husband.
...No, seriously
2:17 AM - Scottie and Cameron. Dave is fine, as you can see in the corner.
2:20 AM - Kristen the Musician says goodbye to some friends
2:22 AM - Wiley. Nice belt.
2:23 AM - Dave and Jill
2:28 AM - USA rules!
2:31 AM - On the balcony - Drew, Danny, Nancy, Frank, Kristi, Scott, Rob, Dave. Looks like we're about to enjoy a Swisher Sweet. Don't mind Kristi's expression. Her tribe believes that the camera will steal your soul.
2:50 AM - Nancy and Frank
2:56 AM - Jill starts up a game of Euchre. For those that don't know, Euchre is a game that was invinted by the state of Indiana as a practical joke on me. The trick is to change the rules every time you play because there really is no such game. The joke is apparently spreading to surrounding states. Kristen the Camper can be seen in the background.
2:59 AM - See, look at this. Total bullshit.
3:00 AM - The "game" continues...
4:18 AM - All that remained of our tub o' beer
4:18 AM - The scene in the bathroom
4:18 AM - It could have been a lot worse. The peolpe across the courtyard might not have been so lucky. If you want to know what I mean by that, ask Wiley.
4:18 AM
4:19 AM - A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but you could only truly appreciate this if you walked out there barefoot. Yeesh!
9:43 AM - Nice shoes, Scott
9:48 AM - Kristi and Christine - ready to chow down
9:53 AM - Dave and Jill arrive for breakfast. I think Jill was still half asleep because she confused the phrase "Good morning" with the less common greeting, "Why the hell are you taking pictures?"


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