Halloween 2003

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OK, the idea was for me to be Rob Zombie and for Christine to be a dead go-go dancer. Her first make-up job came out waaaaaay too accurate. Yeesh.
Much better. Maybe her deadness isn't as self-explanitory now, but it'll have to do. Now I'm ready to be Rob Zombie and Chistine is ready to be the monster and the lady.
Kurt returns as "the Dude".
Marshall (I never figured out his costume) and Rob.
The kitchen at Adam and Heather's Halloween party.
Jeff and his home girl, the Tin Man.
Jeremiah came as a ninja, while Will, Adam and Mike paid top dollar for some authentic computer geek costumes.
No description
Someone thought I'd look spooky in this light. Surely you're frightened by my choice of murder weapon... the spookiest of beer cans.
Now it's on to some warehouse party across town. Here's Kristi as an angel. Scott is "retarded for the Bears".
Here we are at the warehouse. To the right is Chris as Clark Kent.
Wait... is Clark...? Nah!
Bryan joins the group and holy shit! Clark is Superman. How did I miss that?
Kirsten and Bryan as tacky tourists.
Well, look how quickly "tacky" can turn into "naughty".
Now for the main event... the Yacht Club! I'm not sure what Chris is doing here. Looks like the face someone would make if they were singing a song from the sound track of "The Big Chill". You got a better theory?
Some chick as Mystique from the X-men. Yup. Them's boobies. It should be fairly apparent that she also has huge balls.
The Queen of Mardi Gras or something. She came back around later looking for someone to kiss. Either I'm ignorant of some Halloween traditions, or she thinks it's New Year's Eve. Whatever.
"Is that the guy I just made out with over there?"
Alright. Who invited the Prince of Darkness, dammit?
[shake head]
[move on]
At some point, it became a game to see what they could fit on my hat without me noticing.
Superman's tolerance is high, but not that high.
No description
"Welcome to Fantasy Island!"
Dude, this is the Yacht Club. And we've been here for like an hour.
OK, while working at the mall, Kristi and her co-workers overheard this chick planning her Devil in a Blue dress costume and, having no idea that there were mutual friends, they made fun of her all day because she sounded like a spaz. This picture had to be taken to show Kristi's co-workers.
If I had to guess, I'd say Scott was out of smokes and trying to bum.
When Chris told me what he was, I felt retarded, so I'll let you figure it out on your own.
This cult member was pretty generous with his bubble-wrap, but Zoltan's gonna kick his ass when he gets back to the ranch.
No description
If you're too drunk to remember your name, then it's OK to let this girl hang on you, right? Wrong.
Oh, I remember this. Scott and Christine got in a huge argument over the existence of ADHD. The victory goes to Christine because Scott lost interest after about a minute and a half.
The overall scene.
Oh, Jesus. Chris!?
Ah, the ol' laser pointer on the walking homosexual construction barrier gag. Funny every time.
"Dude, I swear I haven't talged to thad bitch in a week. Wha-? She's where?"
He started out "retarded for the Bears". Now, he's just retarded for himself.
A picture of me flipping someone off (probably Scott) isn't all that interesting, but...
...these people thought it was directed at them, so naturally, they made friends with us.
Me with one of Zoltan's followers from "Dude, where's my car?". Recognizing his costume doesn't make me a dork, does it? I mean, it was a comedy movie.


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