SLUNT at the Alley Cat

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Abby doing her thing
No description
That's how you end up swallowing bugs, Pat
Jesus tap dancing Christ
Ilsa rocks
Christine (slowly killing herself with cancer sticks)
Abby with some of the Ally Cat girls
"See. I told you they were bricks!"
Stupid caption? Fine. Why don't you tell me what's going on in this picture, 'cause I have no idea.
Chistine in the process of getting Slunted
…and the end result
Damon from Artimus Pyledriver trying to sneak into the picture.
More goofing around
Grrrrr! (I don't know what's up with the knife)
This is "Vicious". She waited on us the first time we went to the Alley Cat. She was doing a shitty job, so we bought her a shot, hoping it would cheer her up and improve our service a bit. No way. It took her like 15 minutes to come back with the shot that we bought for her, then she drank it and walked away without a word (and continued to suck for the rest of the night). One of the worst waitresses I've had, butt for some reason she still seems to get decent tips.
This is our friend Steve from a great Atlanta band called p.u.s.h. Thou hast been Slunted, Steve!
This guy made me uncomfortable. His shirt says something about millions of dead cops. I wanted a better look, but I was afraid he'd be able to look into my soul and see that I don't hate black people, and I wasn't sure how he'd react to the discovery.
OK, so my man has a PBR tatoo. That's pretty sweet. Perhaps there can be peace between us, scary guy.
Rob: permanently Slunted


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