The anti-safety crowd and their love of government

May 9, 2003

In case you didn't know, the war protesters are retarded. How do we know that? Two reasons:

  1. One of their principal arguments against war is that it kills civilians
  2. The groups behind the major protests are pro-communist and pro-socialist

In the 20th century, more people were killed by their own government than were killed by wars (about 120 million vs. about 35 million). Now, guess which governments contributed an overwhelming majority of these deaths... If you said "communist and socialist governments", then you've earned a gold star for today. There are plenty of reasons to oppose war, but if you favor powerful, intrusive forms of government like communism, you aren't allowed to pretend that killing civilians to acheive certain goals bothers you. If you want to protest something based on the fact that it kills civilians, you don't even have to leave the house. Protest your own stupid ideology.

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