What's up tubers?

There's something I've wondered about all of my skiing life. Why do people go tubing in calm water? It used to be an occasional annoyance, but now, it seems like an epidemic.

For those who don't know, people usually prefer (and sometimes need) the calmest possible water when skiing or skurfing. Tubing, on the other hand, can be done in just about any water conditions. In fact, the rougher the water, the more fun tubing becomes. The rider has almost no control, after all, so you're pretty much depending on your environment for entertainment.

So please, someone tell me, why on Earth would you go out of your way to find calm water when tubing???!!! You're reducing the amount of fun you can have, and more importantly, you're screwing up the good water for those that actually need it. Even if you do prefer calm water when tubing for some unknown reason, doesn't it occur to you that you really don't need calm water, so if there are people that do in a particular area, you should go somewhere else?

I'm no enemy of tubing in general. It can be a lot of fun, but when my friends and family go tubing, here's what we do: We wait for the most crowded, windy, shitty day and we head straight out to the middle of the lake where the water is roughest.

Tubing is a rough water sport!

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